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Android development

Android development

We are able to perfectly control all of the robot’s versions. Programmed in the right way he will be in service in any part of the world.

iOS development

iOS development

For gourmands, who love an apple cake, we offer a development of juicy mobile apps you cannot live without.

Social networks

Social networks

If you don’t have a profile, you don’t exist. We will help you to find your way in the sea of social networks and teach you how to effectively use its modern weapons for the marketing activities to support spreading of your product or service.

Websites & microsites

Websites & microsites

We create only “spicy” web pages and micro pages, which will unsinkably accompany you in the waves of the internet with their creativity and technical accomplishment.

Portal solutions

Portal solutions

Using the right ingredients we can cook the most complex solutions tailor-made to your needs and taste. Our first class service is a must.



Live stream over the internet? No problem for our Chilli team. The data are transformed to Archive right after the stream. If you want to consult this topic contact our kitchen and we will give you a Chilli recipe.


Project Manager

Experienced sea dog always tuned to the right wave.


Hello, I am Chilli manager


office manager

The only one who knows all of the Outlook functions. She can send an e-mail with the speed of light.


Hello, I am Chilli office manager



He cuts every design with the accuracy of a ninja. The computer mouse is his sword, without which he doesn’t move a step.


Hello, I am Chilli coder


software developer

He can delete a person from the world by one mouse click. If he dislikes someone even google won’t find him.


Hello, I am Chilli developer


art master

He wears his tablet damn low. His weapons are a sharp pencil and dangerous ideas.


Hello, I am Chilli art master


pixel master

Pixel & Perfect are the names of his right and left hand.


Hello, I am Chilli pixel master


  • PHP Developer

    PHP Developer

    PHP Developer

    Send us your lottery ticket (CV) if your lucky numbers are zeroes and ones. You will win our lottery for sure.

    More info

    Required skills:

    • PHP - advanced
    • HTML - advanced
    • MySQL / PostgreSQL - basic
    • JavaScript - advanced
    • GIT - basic

    We anticipate you will be able to connect your sense of humor with the sense of responsibility just the way we manage to connect independence and indeterminateness with a commercial success.

    Send us your CV

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Galandova 1, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia 00421 903 642 281 [email protected]

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